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About us

EGY Authorized Translation is a professional and cost effective translation agency based in Cairo, Egypt. EGY Authorized Translation is committed to offer a high quality translation service tailored to your individual needs. EGY Authorized Translation has over 20 years of experience in general and technical translation. We have experienced group of native language qualified translators that can handle any task. We are localized (address), Cairo, Egypt and we offer our services to many important companies and other translation offices in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE and other Arab countries. EGY Authorized Translation produces accurate and fast translations, and is committed to customer service and satisfaction. Our translation will meet or exceed your expectations and will be delivered on time. We understand the requirements of our clients and seek to build long-term relationship with them. You will admire our reliability and credibility. EGY Authorized Translation provides expert translation in the following fields: Administration, Literature, Marketing, Stock Markets, Technical Specifications, Tenders, Instruction Manuals, Oil and Gas Industry, Commercial, Scientific, Industrial, Technical, Commercial and legal fields. No translation is submitted without being first reviewed by a qualified proofreader in the relevant field.